study participants

Current Participant Activities

Cohort-wide Health Follow-up

In 2013 we began contacting all AHS participants to collect information on changes in health and farming status. Please complete this AHS survey when you receive it, regardless of your health status of whether you are still farming. If you have already received and completed the 2013-2014 survey, thank you.

Special Studies

The AHS encourages researchers to undertake special studies on specific topics that are important to agricultural populations, such as recent studies focused on lung health or risk of Parkinson’s disease. We hope you will agree to participate if you are asked to participate in one of these special studies.

Studies that are currently active:

BEEA Biomarkers of Exposure and Effects in Agriculture (BEEA)
The BEEA Study was designed to investigate links between farm exposures and biologic changes that may be indicators of increased risk of developing specific disease. AHS participants since 2010, collects blood, urine, buccal, and dust samples from selected participants. About 1,100 participants provided samples as of March 2014. Additional participants will be enrolled though the fall of 2017.

Confirmation of Self-reported Health Conditions
We periodically reach out to participants who report health conditions that are of special interest to our research team because of the possibility that farm factors may influence the chances of developing the condition. We are currently contacting pesticide applicators and spouses who reported specific autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and Parkinson’s disease to obtain additional information about diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.